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interface A simple and complete interface

Shutter Encoder is a free encoding software for converting images, videos, and

audio files, allowing you to choose from a large number of functions.

Encode your files, replace audio, burn to DVD, analyze audio Loudness,

download web videos, make your own timelapse etc ...

The most simply and efficiently possible.

settings Complete settings for the most advanced

Shutter Encoder has a panel containing a large number of

settings, in order to define your own choices based on

your files and perfect your video or audio output.

Well-thought-out settings, with parameters

predefined to create files quickly and easily.

video player Choose your start and end

With the parameter "Input and output point" you can choose

a portion of a video or audio file to extract and use only

what you need.

You can choose your input and output point by writing your

own timecode, or via the frame-by-frame button. You will have displayed

in two separate screens the start and the end of your file.

Image adjustment Fine-tuning your images

Whether you have files in

.nef, .cr2, .psd, .pdf, .png, .jpg... format

or simply your videos, use this tool available

in the colorimetry part to bring your images to life.

image cropping Quickly crop your images

By using the "Image" function you will have the possibility

to quickly and easily crop your images

as well as your videos.

You can define your frame precisely by writing directly

your values in pixels.

video cropping A real video cropping

Much better than simple black bars,

this tool available with the ouput codecs allows you to

to crop your videos to the format you want.

Whether by pre-setting or manually,

you will find the right ratio.

watermark Add a logo easily and accurately

With the "Add image / video as watermark" you can choose your logo

or image to add to your video. Several settings allow you to

perfectly adjust its position, size and opacity.

Overlay Display useful informations

Make your editing easier and prepare your video.

This option will allow to overlay an internal or user timecode

and/or the file name or your own text,

accessible from the "Display timecode / file name / text" checkbox

in the "Overlay" part.

subtitling Create subtitles simply and efficiently

The "Subtitling" function offers you the possibility to

create your subtitles easily from any video.

Use shortcuts to maximize your closed caption speed.

subtitles Burn your subtitles to your format

You can add .srt subtitles format

with ease in multiples video formats.

With a simple and clear overview you can define

font, color, size etc.

cut detection Automatically detect your cuts

You need to recover the cuts from a video file, that

you no longer have the editing ?

Use the "Cut detection" function that will do it for you,

recover an ".edl" file to integrate it into your software

or to export the cuts without performing compression.

web download Download what you want

With the "Web Video" function download your videos or music

by recovering the web link and paste it into that window.

You have the possibility to choose from the different formats available.

render queue A render queue to stop waiting

There will come a time when we want to release different formats with

different files. This queue accessible from this icon queue render icon

next to the "Start function" button will make your happiness.

my functions Record, create, share your settings

When you are satisfied with a setting, save it with the keys

"Ctrl + S" to PC or "Cmd + S" to MAC,

you can reuse your settings by selecting it.

send to wetransfer or ftp Send to WeTransfer or ftp server

From the different destinations, you can send your files

on WeTransfer with or without "Plus" account and also on

remote ftp server. Once your file converted,

it will be sent to the different servers automatically.

mediainfo Check your file information

By right-clicking on one or more files, you will have access to

all informations about your files

and you can easily compare them.

advanced settings Essential parameters

Because post-production is a very demanding domain,

I propose different parameters to answer the best

to the requirements of your workflow.

renaming The simple and powerful renaming

When you need to rename a large number of files

it can be very long.

By right-clicking on the selected files, you can rename

as easily as quickly a very large number of files.

List of functions

- Without conversion :

Cut without re-encoding, Replace audio, Rewrap, Conform, End to End, Subtitling, Video inserts

- Sound conversions :


- Editing codecs :

DNxHD, DNxHR, Apple ProRes, QT Animation, Uncompressed YUV

- Output codecs :

H.264, DV PAL, XDCAM HD422, AVC-Intra 100, XAVC, HAP, H.265, VP9, AV1, OGV, MJPEG, Xvid, WMV, MPEG

- Archiving codec :


- Images creation :

JPEG, Image

- Burn & Rip :

DVD, Blu-ray, DVD RIP

- Analysis :

Loudness & True Peak, Audio normalization, Cut detection, Black detection

- Download :

Web video

Downloads :

Presets parameters :
(drop .enc file to My functions from this iconicon presets)

vimeo youtube facebook instagram twitter

Thanks :

I would like to thank the donors who, through their gesture, encouraged me to improve every day Shutter Encoder :

- Romain Strutynski
- Thomas Bernard-Dalmard
- Julien Brezel
- Roland Clede
- Lucas Roux
- Philippe Monsel
- Martin Gosset
- Gerard Renou
- Carl Bogan
- Stephane Perriot
- Yann Blondel
- Konstantin Kostadinov
- Eric De Keyser
- Yann Le Cam
- Jean-Marc Guegueniat
- Fabrice Santa Maria
- Abel Vaccaro
- Marc Manière
- Jonathan DeNicholas
- Laurent Malamaire
- Hubert Leconte
- Richard Bushnell
- Christophe Robledo
- Service Ecoles Médias
- Wilson Creative Solutions
- Pierre Orcel
- Julien Favier
- Scott Napier
- Yves Capus
- It's eS productions
- Artus Poulain
- Andre Wipff Zeppeline
- Ilko Eichelmann
- Benoit Poitevin
- Paul Mullen
- Thomas Israel
- Sébastien Ballut
- John Griffin
- Jonathan Wales
- Nick Smith
- John Van Nest
- Eric Martinet
- Steven Fisk
- Norbert Liard
- Charles Deenen
- Lauro de Castro Netto
- Amélie Bigot
- Teddy Stern
- Job ter Burg
- Jean-Marc Oberle
- Peter Aufderhaar
- Depeapa SA de CV
- Philipp Schmitt
- Jaroslaw Frankowski
- Artur Szerejko
- Léa Troulard
- Roberto Benfenati
- Bruno Bednarski
- Dave Weckl Music Inc
- Mark Ettel
- Diana Townend
- Stay Active Ellijay
- Sebastien Poirier
- Alain Youcef-Khoudja
- Hasso Henke
- Pierre Duvezin-Caubet
- Béatrice Blanchetiere
- Sabine Krätzschmar
- William Blackwell
- Martin Hennel
- Bradley Baldwin
- Paul Conway
- Eric Heiberg
- Janusz Wielewicki
- B J Oelsen
- Karrin Ellertson
- Mark Gleeson
- Dan Hubert
- Martin Todsharow
- Audio Post Group, LP
- Ferenc Stobäus
- Florence Benichou
- Marguerite Lantz
- Syncbox Ltd
- Ares Advertising
- David Chalmin
- Daniel Bensi
- Patrick Noguier
- Shaidaley Sheridan
- François Rais
- Matthias Albrecht
- Miehe Eloi
- Marc Senasac
- Oregon Sound
- Julie Furch
- Edward Goldfarb
- Fabiola Ordoyo Ansorena
- RJJ Driessen
- Matthew McCorkle
- Jean-Christophe Nicolas
- Camille Berthelin
- Bernard Schmitt
- Frederic Lozet
- Nathan D Blume
- Gregory Faust
- Pierre Ducaju
- Mark Wlodarkiewicz
- Adebayo Adepetun
- Sheri Ozeki
- Bernard Mangiante
- Ccam
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- Byron Evora
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- Peter Rolls
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- Jason Ryterband
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- Erwan Chaffiot
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- Richard Smith
- Snorre Ruch
- DeYoe Photo & Video
- Paul Murnaghan
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- Olivier Mortier
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- C-side Productions SA
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- Composer
- Undertone Music, Inc
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- Get Me In The Room
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- 王 磊
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- Post Production
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- Ronan Dabirand

Partner companies :

France 3 Ecrans du monde Nawar

Contact :

If you have any questions, please send an email to : paulpacifico@free.fr


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